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Renters Insurance in Georgia

Whether you are renting an apartment, condo, house or even a storage facility for extra belongings, a renter's insurance policy is a must. Most landlords have an insurance policy that simply covers the structure. These policies do not cover the possessions of the renters that use the property. If you haven't obtained a policy for your rental unit's contents, you should do so immediately. If you already have a policy on the contents of your rental, you may be paying too much. The U.S. Small Business Administration recommends reassessing your insurance quotes yearly, especially if you have had a major life change such as marriage or divorce. You may also be able to bundle your renter's insurance policy with your automobile insurance coverage to obtain lower rates on both policies.

When it comes to renters insurance policies in Georgia, you have many choices. Most of the time, you can find lower premiums by going through independent insurance agents, and skipping the "big-box" insurance company websites. Also, locally-owned and operated independent insurance agents such as those in Gainesville, GA are more likely to develop a relationship with you, so you are more than just a policy number. This is especially helpful if you ever need assistance with your policy or you need to file a claim. Your agent will have a vested interest in providing the assistance you need.

For more information on renter's insurance, or to obtain a quote for a policy for your rental property, check out our easy-to-use quote finder at You can get a quick and accurate quote so you will know the exact price you will pay for coverage before you take out a policy on your rental home. You can also check out quotes for multiple policies, such as renter's and automobile insurance coverage.