Is Renters Insurance Different Than Home Insurance

Often times, people assume that homeowner and renters insurances are one and the same. This is not true. Although there are major similarities between them, the differences are very much striking. If you are a renter and you are planning to move into your new home or you are a homeowner who is planning on rightsizing to renting, it is important you know the differences between these two terms. This is because, you won’t just be moving into a new house but into a new type of property insurance policy, too.

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Below are some of the major differences between homeowners and renters insurance;

1. Coverage:

This is the key difference between homeowners and renters insurance. Homeowner’s insurance covers the house and any other building structure on the property. Renters insurance doesn’t cover the building, as it is believed that the landlord already has that covered. However, if a fire happens in the building due to a fault of yours, the liability part of your renter’s insurance will cover the necessary repairs.

2. Cost:

The second key difference between homeowners and renters insurance is cost. Homeowners insurance is more expensive than renters insurance, and this is quite understandable. In homeowners insurance, you will be ensuring the entire house. Also, these houses tend to contain a large amount of personal property. In cases of a catastrophe, the insurance company will have to pay more to the homeowner than in the case of a renter claim.

3. A number of policyholders:

Another difference between these two policies is the number of people carrying these policies. It is easy to assume that renters will key into renters insurance so as to have their belongings replaced back in the case of disaster, just like a homeowner, but this isn’t so. According to a survey, less than half of renters carry renters insurance. One reason for this is that a renter insurance is not often required when signing a lease.

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3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Commercial Insurance

When starting a new business or managing your existing one, investing in commercial insurance is one of the most important decisions you can make. It is important to research on the available commercial insurance options and pick one that best suits your business. It is also important to note that your business’ insurance needs will continue to change as the business grows. Find an insurance agent that has experience and knowledge such as which is an online rating platform for Nsure Network located in Boulevard Gainesville, GA.

Why Does Your Business Need Commercial Insurance?

To Cover Lawsuits

In the United States, at least 100 million lawsuits are filed yearly. These lawsuits cost thousands and thousands of dollars. Most businesses cannot afford it. Commercial insurance could cover such lawsuits and allow your business to continue operating smoothly. Since you cannot guarantee that your business will not have to face any lawsuits, getting commercial insurance would be wise.

To Handle Disasters

Disasters do not give anyone time to prepare. Unfortunately, you need to prepare for the worst even as you hope for the best. A lot of things could go wrong in your business. Your business property may be lost or damaged due to fire, theft or vandalism. Commercial insurance equips your business to deal with such situations.

To Handle Accidents

Commercial insurance offers cover for compensation and medical costs in case someone gets injured on your business property. This is a lot better than having to pay out of your pocket.

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Does Auto Insurance Cover Water Damage?

When it comes to owning a car there are plenty of things to keep in mind, one is what your car insurance covers should you have damages that need to be repaired. For the most part, your auto insurance is going to cover a great deal more than you might think. It covers things like vandalism, damage from storms, and damage from accidents and so much more. For those in the Gainesville, GA area, the agents with Nsure Network can help tailor your policy to your needs.

So, does car insurance cover water damage? Put quite simple yes it does but only in specific instances. If is it water damage that was caused intentionally or that was caused by negligence on the part of the driver, you may have trouble getting the policy to pay out as needed. If you have a car that is damaged by water by no fault of your own, you are likely going to be able to claim it on your policy and get the money you need to get it back in working shape.

The real issue comes when you look at the extent of the damage. Your insurance adjuster will tell you how much damage was done and how much your possible payout will be. If the car is damaged beyond its value, the insurance company, rather than paying to fix the damage, will pay you the value of the car and you can go purchase a new one. It is important to take the time to talk with an agent about what your policy does and does not cover so that you can adjust your coverage as needed.

For those in the Gainesville, GA area, the agents with Nsure Network can help you to find the perfect policy for your needs.  

I Sold My Car: When Do I Tell My Auto Insurance Company?

One of the questions that we at Nsure Network, serving the greater Gainesville, GA area, are often asked is when you should tell your insurance company that you have sold a car. Here is some information that can help you if you are in this situation.

You have not completely sold your car until the transaction has gone through and the title has been transferred with your local department of motor vehicles. As such, you need to keep insurance on the vehicle until the title has been transferred. If you cut off insurance too quickly, a car that is titled in your name may be driven without insurance. If an accident occurs, it can fall back on you. 

Once the title has been transferred, you can notify your insurance company that you want the policy canceled on that vehicle because you have sold it. In most cases, it will take a few days for them to actually cancel the insurance. Some companies will back date the cancellation to the day you called, while others will actually bill you through the date when they actually get around to canceling it. 

If you are ever in doubt as to when you should cancel your auto insurance policy after selling a car, contact your auto insurance company. They can help you determine when and if you should be canceling the insurance. 

If you have questions about an existing auto insurance policy or are looking to open a new policy for a new car you may have purchased, let Nsure Network, serving the greater Gainesville, GA area, help you. Call us today to get a price quote or to get answers to the questions you may have. 

Top Types of Commercial Insurance Your Business Should Have

If you own a business in Gainesville, GA, you’ll need to have insurance to cover yourself. Entrepreneurs and small business owners especially should get commercial insurance as soon as possible to protect themselves.

Still, it can be a challenge to fully understand the many types of commercial insurance that are out there. You may have different coverage needs than another type of business, so it’s always wise to sit down directly with your insurance agent to discuss the specific needs of your company or business. In general, you’ll want to make sure that you cover the following types of commercial insurance:

Professional liability insurance

This type of insurance is also called errors and omissions or E&O insurance. This covers you for any negligence claims that are made against your business. In other words, it covers your legal fees and/or the damages that you may be made to pay if you are found liable.

Property insurance

This type of insurance is fairly straightforward. Property insurance covers the property that you own in order to operate your business as well as the contents of your buildings. This might include the brick-and-mortar shop that you operate your business, your equipment, and your inventory, for example.

Workers compensation insurance

This type of insurance covers your employees in the event that they’re injured on the job.

Commercial auto insurance

If you require the use of vehicles for your business, you’ll need commercial auto insurance.

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The Importance of Shopping Around for Auto Insurance Annually

At Nsure Network, serving the greater Gainesville, GA area, we encourage every auto insurance policy owner to take the time to shop around for auto insurance policies annually. If you have never taken the time to shop around for auto insurance, you may wonder why this is important. 

Helps to Ensure You Are Getting the Best Policy for You

One of the major reasons why you should shop around for auto insurance annually is because your auto insurance needs change from year to year. The value of your car changes, the amount of miles you drive may change and your life situation may change. When you compare policies each year, you are able to input information related to your current situation and find the policy that best meets your needs as they are today, not as they were several years ago. 

Ensures the Pricing is Fair and Reasonable

Another benefit to shopping around for auto insurance is that you help to ensure that the price you are paying is fair and reasonable for the type of policy you have. Prices for auto insurance policies fluctuate based on many factors, including your credit score, marital status and the number of miles you drive. When you obtain an insurance quote each year, you ensure the price you are paying changes as your life circumstances do, ensuring you are paying a fair and reasonable amount for the type of insurance you have. 

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The Importance of a Home Inventory Video if You Have to File a Renter’s Insurance Claim

At Nsure Network in Gainesville, GA, we recommend that our clients make a home inventory video when they purchase renter’s insurance. This video should show what items are in the rented space, the size of the items and the condition of the items. If you have never made a home inventory video, you may be wondering why this is important. 

Homes are filled with a variety of belongings. If the home you were renting were to burn down to the ground or become vandalized, would you know the specifics regarding every item that was missing or destroyed? Would you know what size television you have and what brand it was? Do you remember how many designer purses you have or how many fancy pairs of shoes you own? Odds are, you won’t. This is where a home inventory video comes in.

A home inventory video allows you to take a video showing exactly what is in your home and the condition of the items. This is important as it helps to ensure that the insurance company properly values the items that need to be replaced and helps to ensure that you do not leave anything off of your list when filing a renter’s insurance claim. Be sure to update your video when you purchase new items, like furniture or electronics, to ensure your video is always current. 

When you are ready to purchase a renter’s insurance policy, talk to Nsure Network in Gainesville, GA. We will provide you with a free estimate and offer you tips to help ensure that you are prepared in the event that you ever have to file a claim. Contact us now to get started. 

Are Pest Issues Covered By Renters Insurance?

If you are renting a condo, apartment or a house, it is strongly recommended that you purchase renters insurance. Renters insurance helps to protect your belongings in case they are damaged by a variety of issues, including a leak in the roof, a fire in the home or a burst pipe in the space. They  also pay for your expenses if you are unable to live in your rental due to these conditions, ensuring you do not come out of pocket for a hotel. But one of the questions that we at Nsure Network in Gainesville, GA are often asked is whether renters insurance covers damage done by pests in the unit. 

Unfortunately, most pest damage is excluded by renters insurance. This includes any damage done to your belongings by termites, rats, mice and bed bugs. If there is an infestation in your apartment or rental home, the landlord is typically responsible for covering the costs of terminating the pests. They have an obligation to make sure the rented area is habitable and this includes being free of pests. So as long as you are not leaving food out or letting the pests in, they should cover the costs to remedy the problem. If they are not doing so, you may be able to sue them for any damage that the pests due to your belongings and/or get out of your lease for failing to make the space habitable. 

It is important to note that if your belongings are damaged by pests because a hurricane blew the windows out and let pests in or a fire ran through your home and allowed pests in, renters insurance would then likely cover the cost to replace your belongings. 

To learn more about pest issues and renters insurance or to receive a free renters insurance quote, contact Nsure Network in Gainesville, GA today. 

Common Loopholes You Need to Seal When Insuring Your Business

As you start a business, you are likely to focus on the marketing, financing, and sales, but it is equally important to look at the common loopholes that might emerge in your business activities. At Nsure Network, based in Gainesville, GA, agents will help you evaluate potential loopholes and come up with a plan that fits into your business to tackle each risk.

Many insurance policies cover property losses caused by a fire. However, most of these policies do not provide money for losses that occur indirectly, such as when a business is closed for repairs. This is a gap that most people do not identify. The appropriate way to patch this gap is by securing a business interruption insurance that covers such losses. The right thing to do when insuring your business is to get the most suitable coverages that will have the greatest impact on your business.

Prevention is important to minimize losses from electrical failures. You should have your electrical system well inspected, repaired and maintained by a licensed electrician. You also need to keep your systems upgraded to reduce the possibility of an electrical fire. This will also be helpful in keeping your employees safe and company doors open.

Your insurance protects your business against rain, wind and hail damage. These damages are hard to prevent, but you can properly arm your business to reduce the effects. For instance, you can maintain your roof, doors, and windows.  

The importance of sealing some of these loopholes is that it prevents undue cost that would occur if your business is blown out. Again, the lesser the risks your business is exposed to, the lesser you will pay to get it insured. Agents from Nsure Network will visit your business if it is within Gainesville, GA and try to find some of these loopholes and suggest solutions.


3 Great Reasons to Obtain Life Insurance

Life insurance can help secure the future of your loved ones in the event of your sudden demise. If an unforeseen accident or illness cuts your life short, life insurance benefits can give your family financial security as they learn to adjust to life without you and make plans for their future. If you’ve never considered obtaining life insurance before, here are three good reasons that may change your mind.

Financial Security for Loved Ones Staying Behind

Life insurance benefits can be a tremendous source of support to loved ones who remain behind. They’re a means of protecting your family from financial burdens that can overwhelm them after you’re gone. By obtaining a life insurance policy from NSure Network, Gainesville, GA, you provide your spouse and children with the financial means to continue living a safe and stable lifestyle after you’ve passed on.  

Payment of Outstanding Debts

In addition to providing financial support for daily living, life insurance benefits can be used to help pay outstanding debts, your home mortgage and even funeral expenses, so your spouse isn’t burdened with these financial obligations.

These benefits can also be put towards your children’s future, providing funds to help with college expenses, a future wedding or even the birth of a grandchild.

Buys Time to Make Decisions for the Future

Life insurance benefits give surviving family more time to make crucial decisions about their future. The financial support from your life insurance policy gives your family time to adjust to your passing so they can move forward with their lives. By having cash to pay for their immediate needs, your family can take time to make wise decisions that will benefit their future.

For more information about life insurance options, benefits and costs, contact an agent from NSure Network in Gainesville, GA today.