Are Pest Issues Covered By Renters Insurance?

If you are renting a condo, apartment or a house, it is strongly recommended that you purchase renters insurance. Renters insurance helps to protect your belongings in case they are damaged by a variety of issues, including a leak in the roof, a fire in the home or a burst pipe in the space. They  also pay for your expenses if you are unable to live in your rental due to these conditions, ensuring you do not come out of pocket for a hotel. But one of the questions that we at Nsure Network in Gainesville, GA are often asked is whether renters insurance covers damage done by pests in the unit. 

Unfortunately, most pest damage is excluded by renters insurance. This includes any damage done to your belongings by termites, rats, mice and bed bugs. If there is an infestation in your apartment or rental home, the landlord is typically responsible for covering the costs of terminating the pests. They have an obligation to make sure the rented area is habitable and this includes being free of pests. So as long as you are not leaving food out or letting the pests in, they should cover the costs to remedy the problem. If they are not doing so, you may be able to sue them for any damage that the pests due to your belongings and/or get out of your lease for failing to make the space habitable. 

It is important to note that if your belongings are damaged by pests because a hurricane blew the windows out and let pests in or a fire ran through your home and allowed pests in, renters insurance would then likely cover the cost to replace your belongings. 

To learn more about pest issues and renters insurance or to receive a free renters insurance quote, contact Nsure Network in Gainesville, GA today. 

Common Loopholes You Need to Seal When Insuring Your Business

As you start a business, you are likely to focus on the marketing, financing, and sales, but it is equally important to look at the common loopholes that might emerge in your business activities. At Nsure Network, based in Gainesville, GA, agents will help you evaluate potential loopholes and come up with a plan that fits into your business to tackle each risk.

Many insurance policies cover property losses caused by a fire. However, most of these policies do not provide money for losses that occur indirectly, such as when a business is closed for repairs. This is a gap that most people do not identify. The appropriate way to patch this gap is by securing a business interruption insurance that covers such losses. The right thing to do when insuring your business is to get the most suitable coverages that will have the greatest impact on your business.

Prevention is important to minimize losses from electrical failures. You should have your electrical system well inspected, repaired and maintained by a licensed electrician. You also need to keep your systems upgraded to reduce the possibility of an electrical fire. This will also be helpful in keeping your employees safe and company doors open.

Your insurance protects your business against rain, wind and hail damage. These damages are hard to prevent, but you can properly arm your business to reduce the effects. For instance, you can maintain your roof, doors, and windows.  

The importance of sealing some of these loopholes is that it prevents undue cost that would occur if your business is blown out. Again, the lesser the risks your business is exposed to, the lesser you will pay to get it insured. Agents from Nsure Network will visit your business if it is within Gainesville, GA and try to find some of these loopholes and suggest solutions.


3 Great Reasons to Obtain Life Insurance

Life insurance can help secure the future of your loved ones in the event of your sudden demise. If an unforeseen accident or illness cuts your life short, life insurance benefits can give your family financial security as they learn to adjust to life without you and make plans for their future. If you’ve never considered obtaining life insurance before, here are three good reasons that may change your mind.

Financial Security for Loved Ones Staying Behind

Life insurance benefits can be a tremendous source of support to loved ones who remain behind. They’re a means of protecting your family from financial burdens that can overwhelm them after you’re gone. By obtaining a life insurance policy from NSure Network, Gainesville, GA, you provide your spouse and children with the financial means to continue living a safe and stable lifestyle after you’ve passed on.  

Payment of Outstanding Debts

In addition to providing financial support for daily living, life insurance benefits can be used to help pay outstanding debts, your home mortgage and even funeral expenses, so your spouse isn’t burdened with these financial obligations.

These benefits can also be put towards your children’s future, providing funds to help with college expenses, a future wedding or even the birth of a grandchild.

Buys Time to Make Decisions for the Future

Life insurance benefits give surviving family more time to make crucial decisions about their future. The financial support from your life insurance policy gives your family time to adjust to your passing so they can move forward with their lives. By having cash to pay for their immediate needs, your family can take time to make wise decisions that will benefit their future.

For more information about life insurance options, benefits and costs, contact an agent from NSure Network in Gainesville, GA today.

Does Renters Insurance Cover Everything?

Renters in Gainesville, GA often turn to renter’s insurance to protect their belongings. However, there are several things that won’t be covered or which are covered in a limited way by this type of insurance. That’s why we at Nsure Network are providing you with this detailed and insightful guide on renter’s insurance coverage.

Certain Limitations May Apply

When you get renter’s insurance, you need to make a detailed list of everything that you own in the home. Then, you take out insurance for all of these items. However, certain items, such as cash, jewelry, and firearms have limitations on coverage. The amount will vary, depending on your policy.

Another important thing to remember is that renter’s insurance does not cover the house itself. That type of insurance is purchased by the owner of the home, not the renter. However, there are also other situations in which renter’s insurance may be limited.

When Renter’s Insurance Won’t Cover Your Belongings

There are several instances in which renter’s insurance won’t go into effect. All natural disasters will void your renter’s insurance coverage. You need to purchase separate policies for this type of coverage. In other instances, very high-priced items won’t be covered. Also, any changes you’ve made to a home, with or without the renter’s permission, will not be covered.

For example, if you added a wall to the house and want compensation for its destruction, you are out of luck. You will also fail to get coverage if you have no documentation for the items you own. Make sure to explicitly insure everything and to keep your receipts in a fire-safe box.

Don’t Get Caught With No Coverage

Please contact us at Nsure Network if you live in or near Gainseville, GA. We can help you find the type of high-quality renter’s insurance that you deserve to protect your belongings.

Is your Gainesville business ready for commercial insurance?

When you first get a quote on commercial insurance from the Nsure Network for your Gainesville, GA business, you may be a little surprised at the number. Unless you run a massive chain of restaurants or a Fortune 500 company or you’re in a very dangerous line of work, it’s probably going to be a little lower than you’re expecting. All the same, you may be wondering if it’s a necessary expense, just yet.

Some businesses never really need any form of commercial insurance. If you’re a web designer, for instance, all you really need is your laptop, and you can usually afford to replace that with the income from just one assignment. The assets involved in that line of work tend to be on the low end of the expenses spectrum. On the other hand, if you run a garage or a photography studio or a grocery store or anything else that requires a brick and mortar location loaded with expensive stock and equipment, commercial insurance is a must.

Although you might not need commercial insurance until you expand your business, you do need to consider things like basic liability for any business where customers are going to be coming to see you in person. Your home insurance might cover that if you’re running a business out of a home office, but if you run a shop or a studio somewhere in the city, the general rule is: The more coverage, the better.

Your Gaineseville, GA may or may not be ready for a full commercial policy, but when it is, when you complete that expansion or buy that shop you had your eye on, Nsure Network is there to get you the coverage you need.

Tips for Changing Unsafe Driving Habits

Everyone thinks they are a great driver but this is simply not the truth for everyone in Gainesville, GA. If people are scared to ride with you or they are constantly telling you to be more careful, then it may be time to take a look at your current driving habits and make a change. Use these tips from Nsure Network to change some of your unsafe driving habits. 

  • Stay off your cell phone. This is the easiest way to drive distracted and when you are behind the wheel, it is the last thing you want to do. That text message really can wait until you are no longer driving. This is also the cause of many accidents these days. If you are guilty of this, it is time to start putting your phone away in a place you cannot reach it every time you drive. 
  • Leave some space in front of you. If you drive really close behind other vehicles, you are putting yourself in danger. You should leave at least one car length of space in front of you for every 10 mph increment. This is because the faster you are going, the longer it takes to come to a stop and you never know when someone is going to put on their brakes. 
  • Always wear your seatbelt. This is not only the law but it is also intended to keep you safe. Even if you hate the way it feels, always wear it because you never know what will happen and you always want that extra protection. 

By becoming a safer driver, you are lessening your risk for an accident. While there is no way to prevent this entirely, you are taking some equations out of the mix. If you need an auto insurance policy to help protect you in case of an accident, be sure to reach out to Nsure Network, serving Gainesville, GA, today.

Getting your home ready for spring

Most people associate spring cleaning with going through their old things to clean out the house and make room for new things. They might sell off the old at a yard sale. The most important spring cleaning you can do for your home though relates to the home itself. Just as you winterized your home, you now need to prepare it for warmer, windier, rainier weather.

  • Check your gutters for damage. Make any needed repairs. Thoroughly clean them. Give them a quick once over after each storm to ensure there is still adequate water and debris flow. A stopped up gutter can lead to water pooling on your roof that causes a leak. That means interior water damage.
  • Trim your yard’s trees and shrubs to make them hardier against strong winds. Remove any dead branches or trees.
  • Inspect your roof. Winter cold, snow and ice can damage shingles. Make repairs immediately so a small leak doesn’t turn into a big hole.
  • Have an HVAC professional inspect your air conditioning system and vents. Make repairs early so you beat the warm weather rush. You’ll also save yourself from your A/C going out in a hot day.
  • Caulk windows and doors. You’ll make your home more comfortable since you won’t be air conditioning your yard through any leaks or holes. You’ll also save money on your electric bills.
  • If you’ve been thinking about landscaping your yard or re-doing a gravel, dirt, or grass driveway, use shredded bark. Shredded bark lends a beautiful, woodsy look to your home and it provides a safer material. Gravel and small rock become damaging, dangerous projectiles in high winds. A windy day with a gravel drive can damage your home’s exterior. Bark provides a natural look, less danger, and absorbs rain water better. 

Protect your home investment and improve its value with these simple tasks. Your spring cleaning can help reduce the number of insurance claims you file, but call us when you need us at the Gainesville, GA, Nsure Network.

How to Prepare for a Teen Driver

As a parent, having your teenager get his or her driver’s license can be an exciting but nerve-wracking time. While it is exciting to see your teen gain independence, it is also scary for parents as an inexperienced teenage driver can also be a dangerous situation. There are certain steps you can take as a parent to make sure you teenager is safe on the roads as well as being well insured in the case of an accident.

If you plan on leasing or buying a car for your teen, it is very important to pick a safe make and model. Not only will a car with built in safety features help keep your teen safe but it will help keep your auto insurance premiums lower. Parents are often shocked to find out how much your premiums will sky rocket if you buy your teen a shiny red sports car or SUV.

In addition, there are some proactive steps you can take to help your teen not only become a smarter and safer driver but could earn you some discounts on your premium. Make sure your teen completes a driver education program as well as a defensive driving course. There are many driving courses in the Gainesville, GA area make sure you reach out to your agent at Nsure Network to confirm that particular course makes you eligible for a discount. Finally, if your teen also earns good grades in school you may be eligible for an additional discount.

Finally, it is important to have serious conversations with your teenager and the responsibility that comes with being on the roads. If you are in the Gainesville, GA area and would like to learn more about talking to your teen about driving, please reach out to the experts Nsure Network.

Homeowners Insurance Tips for First-time Home Buyers

Buying your first home can be a stressful and exciting event. There are many factors to consider when searching for the right home and one of the factors that’s often overlooked is buying homeowner’s insurance. If you have any questions about choosing a policy that meets your needs, you can contact a helpful agent at Nsure Network, which serves the Gainesville, GA area. While you’re still exploring your options before purchasing homeowner’s insurance, there’s a few important tips to keep in mind.

Try to bundle your policies

If you have auto insurance or life insurance, ask your provider if they also offer homeowner’s insurance. By combining multiple insurance policies from the same provider, you’ll get lower rates, and it’ll be easier to manage your policies. Insurance companies are looking to make money, and if they know you’re interested in purchasing multiple policies, they’ll be more likely to give you a discount to earn your business.

Factor your homeowner’s insurance payment into your monthly budget

Most mortgage providers bundle your home insurance premium together with your monthly mortgage payment, along with other costs like property taxes. This is referred to as an escrow account. Make sure that you’re comfortable paying not only the monthly mortgage but also the other monthly expenses you’ll have to cover.

Don’t forget about your possessions

Make a list of the expensive items in your home that you’ll want to be covered, such as appliances, TVs, jewelry, and art. Getting a comprehensive policy protects not only your home but also the items inside. However, some expensive items may require a separate rider. A “rider” is an add-on to a basic insurance policy that helps you create a customized policy that meets your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact the friendly agents at Nsure Network, which serves the Gainesville, GA area, to find out exactly what’s covered and what isn’t coverage under various homeowner’s insurance policies. Taking the time now to make sure you’re properly informed could be extremely beneficial in case something happens to your home and provides peace of mind.

My Tree Fell on My Neighbor’s Car. Now What?

If your tree falls on your neighbor’s car, you may feel terrible and wonder what to do. Should you call your home insurance company or should they call their auto insurance company? Or should you both call? Here is some information you will want to know if you find yourself in this scenario.

Take Lots of Pictures

If you are around when the tree first falls on the vehicle, be sure to document the accident scene well. Take pictures of any damage done to the car and take pictures of the tree. Be sure to document what the weather factors were like and what conditions may have caused the tree to fall down.

Determine Who to File a Claim With

After the tree has fallen, you will want to contact your home insurance company, and your neighbor will likely want to contact their auto insurance company. If they have comprehensive auto insurance, that policy will likely cover the damage to their car. However, in some cases, they may be able to come after your homeowner’s insurance policy for the repairs. If the tree fell over due to weather conditions, such as wind, it is typically deemed an act of god and may not be covered. However, if the tree fell because you were negligent, didn’t properly care for the tree or you knew the tree was in poor condition and should be removed, your homeowner’s insurance may be on the hook for the damage.

Ensuring you have the right insurance coverage in place can help prevent an unexpected accident like the one above from becoming a catastrophic financial loss. If you are in the Gainesville, GA area, Nsure Network can help to ensure you have the right home and auto insurance policies in place to fully cover and protect you against trees falling on your car or your tree falling on a neighbor’s car.